Sam Neil Heads ‘Invasion’

Deadline is reporting that Apple TV’s upcoming SF series, Invasion, is back on. With the show resuming production, though, when it will air is to be seen. So far the cast that has been mentioned is Sam Neil who will play Sheriff John Bell Tyson, “a weathered rural lawman,” and Shamier Anderson from Wynonna Earp, playing Trevante Ward, “an extraordinary soldier” deployed to Afghanistan. Along with, Golshifteh Farahani, Firas Nassar, and Shioli Kutsuna.

Farahani portrays Aneesha Malik, a first generation Syrian immigrant, wife and mother living on Long Island. Nassar is Ahmed Malik, Aneesha’s husband, also a Syrian immigrant and successful businessman. Kutsuna plays Mitsuki, an intelligent member of mission control in the Japanese space program, JASA.

Stories, it seems, will feature from various corners of the globe after aliens invade Earth. Locations quoted are, NYC in the U.S., Manchester in the U.K., as well as Morocco and Japan (no city locations given at this time.)

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