Meet the authors.

Mark J. Howard: Howard’s style of writing is reminiscent of the humour of Rankin and Pratchett and often set in a quaint English locale just brimming with ancient evil or a Past that won’t stay where its supposed to, in the past. His stories are an eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy, running gags, and twisted English humour. He offers up an outrageous list of characters you’re more likely to meet down the pub than saving the universe with nothing more than an antiquated Ealing motorcycle, a bag of elastic bands, a pair of pliers, and a battered box of Swan Vesta matches. 

Bren MacDibble: Bren attended Clarion South in 2004 and the Manuscript Development program with Queensland Writers Centre and Allen & Unwin in 2011. Bren also won the Ampersand Prize in 2015 for her first ever YA, In The Dark Spaces, writing as Cally Black, to separate her an older readership from her children’s books. In The Dark Spaces is a dark and wild YA SF thriller published by Hardie Grant Egmont. How to Bee was accepted weeks later by Allen & Unwin and is set in a post bee, post famine Australia, where children hand-pollinate fruit trees. Both books came out in the middle of 2017. Bren’s next book for children, The Dog Runner, came out in May 2018. How to Bee hit the UK shelves in May 2018 published by Old Barn Books and is now also published in Canada by Groundwood Books and in France by Helium Editions and there will be a Korean version soon. The Dog Runner was also published in the UK by Old Barn Books.